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Setup a basic QNIBTerminal

container Jaxport@Flickr

In my previous post I described what drove me to give docker a spin and create a virtual HPC cluster stack.

This post provides a step by step guide to run a basic QNIBTerminal with four nodes. To get this one going there is no need for a lot of horsepower. I ran it on a 3-core AMD machine from back in the days. Even a VM should be able to lift it.

OSDC2014 my way to QNIBTerminal - Virtual HPC

On my way home (at least to an intermediate stop at my mothers) from the OSDC2014 I guess it's time to recap the last couple of weeks.

I gave a talk which title reads 'Understand your data-center by overlaying multiple information layers'. The pain-point I had in mind when I submitted the talk was my SysOps days debugging an InfiniBand problem that was connected to other layers of the stack we were dealing with. After being frustrated about it I choose to use my BSc-thesis to tackle this problem. The outcome was a not-scaling OpenSM plug-in to monitor InfiniBand. :) But the basics were not as bad, so I revisited the topic with some state-of-the-art log management (logstash) and performance measurement (graphite) experience I gained over the last couple of month. Et voila, it scales better...