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ISC2019: 5th Annual High Performance Container Workshop

The '5th Annual High Performance Container Workshop' workshop was held as part of the International Supercomputing Conference in Frankfurt on June 20nd from 9AM to 6PM at the Marriott Hotel.


The first half of the day was spend with introducing the speakers, providing an overview and discuss the topics which are not exclusively HPC specific, but are fundamentals that are also important in non-HPC use cases: Which runtime fits my use-case? How to build my container image? How to distribute the artefacts? Depending on my use-case, discipline, vertical - what should I focus on and what is less important?

Metahub: Dynamic Registry Proxy

I won't say "Long time, no post" - but...

As I had some time at my hands the last couple of months, I was iterating on my idea on hardware optimization using manifest list from the last post Match Node-Specific Needs Using Manifest Lists.


The gist is that hardware optimization with containers is a bit of a step back, as the kernel virtualization (aka containers) promises to provide isolation on-top of a Linux (or Windows) kernel without caring to much about the underlying host configuration.

Optimized Container Images for AI/ML and HPC

Containers gain more and more foothold as a lightweight mode of isolating different application relying on kernel features to not spin up emulated hardware - create (rather) heavy virtual machines. That worked great so far, as the resource isolation was only focusing on what the kernel can provide:

  • CPU cycles
  • Memory
  • Input/output to resources controlled by the kernel (e.g. network and filesystems)