Christian attends the DockerConEU in Copenhagen and reports back what is going on over there and what is the latest.



Kubernetes Integration

  • At the end of the General Session today Solomon announced that Kubernetes is becoming an additional orchestrator, alongside SWARM.
  • Reason being that Kubernetes became the go-to orchestrator and Docker wants to provide their Users with a choice.
  • By doing so, the transition from single-engine to SWARM to Kubernetes is seamless and can be done with a simple docker-compose file.
  • Subsequent version of docker-compose will include more and more control over kubernetes from the docker-compose file.
  • Docker will ship a vanilla K8s, no wrapper or special flavor.
  • the docker-cli and the kube-cli can be used interchangeably, which makes it awesome for Ops and Dev to colleborate.
  • UCP will be a single pane of glas, RBAC will be transparent

DockerConEU in General

  • LinuxKit is maturing more and more. It is the foundation of all the Docker Desktop offerings.
  • Collaboration is nice to see. Microsoft, Google and Docker work together; which I would not have expecting with a conservative head on.
  • Community engagement programs at DockerCon are a blast, DockerPals, Hands-on-labs, Hallway Tracks, pretty nice atmosphere.
  • Talked to some HPC guys about the need to push for HPC SIG to push MPI forward.


After the general session I will host a breakout session showcasing community projects, before I head back to Berlin in the evening.


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