As a long term fan and media-professional within the Student Cluster Competitions all over the world, Dan and I have a chat about where it came from, what the challenges are and a lot more.

The first podcast in which I talk significantly less then the guest.

Sorry for the buzzing, not sure where this comes from. :/


The show notes represent the original agenda, we pivoted a little bit here and there. :D


  • Dan Olds, Partner at OrionX
  • Started at Sequent Computer
  • Iterated to Sun, IBM
  • He graduated in non-IT?

History of SCC

  • When was the first time Dan entered it (founding father?)
  • How is the 40k foot trajectory, did you ever though: Oh, now it’s clear in which direction it is going
    • differences between ISC and SC
  • the rules? - power - team size - team members (undergraduates only) - standard challenges (HPL, HPCG, …)
  • Did it went from a free-exchange of ideas into a competition, I hope not?

System used

  • System-Architecture (x86, ARM)
  • Accelerators (GPU,GPGPU, SoC)
  • Interconnects
  • OS’s used?
Low-Power SoC
  • I want ARM coming
  • Can I Haz a low-power HPI?

Auxiliary DC Services within SCC

  • Capitalism to blame for bad operational stacks? (Have you ever seen a good Ops-Stack provided by a vendor?)
  • How does it pan out in SCC, is the stacks they use a reflection of what is out there in big-scale systems?

Challenges within the Challenge

  • getting it to work at all
  • being able to pivot when magical workload comes in
  • be nice to one another, solving problems together
  • do you see teams being trained for a particular skill, failing when there is a change
  • do you see members of a team specialise or is the team homogeneous?


  • Have to talk about how to push containers in.. :)
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